09/30/2014 - 7:00 pm
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Naja Marie Aidt presents and signs Baboon

Beginning in the middle of crisis, then accelerating through plots that grow stranger by the page, Naja Marie Aidt's stories have a feel all their own. Though they are built around the common themes of sex, love, desire, and gender, Aidt pushes them into her own desperate, frantic realm. In one, a whore shows up unannounced at a man's apartment, roosts in his living room, and then violently threatens him when he tries to make her leave. In another, a wife takes her husband to a city where it is women, not men, who are the dominant sex--but was it all a hallucination when she finds herself tied to a board and dragged back to his car? And in the unforgettable "Blackcurrant," two young women who have turned away from men and toward lesbianism abscond to a farm, where they discover that their neighbor's son is experimenting with his own kind of sexuality. The first book from the widely lauded Aidt to reach the English language, Baboon delivers audacious writing that careens toward bizarre, yet utterly truthful, realizations. (Two Lines Press)

ISBN: 9781931883382
Price: $12.95

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