03/06/2015 - 7:00 pm
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Kenny Solms presents and signs Bits: A Comedy Writer's Screams of Consciousness

Anne Frank wrote her diary. A yawn.  Alex Haley wrote about his roots. A snooze.  The Bible. What a bore! But what do all these have in common? That's obvious. They're not funny and the people they wrote about aren't current. Where's Bieber? Jolie? Beyonce? That's who people want to read about and laugh about. Celebrities! And not written by the celebrities themselves. What do they know? If they were smart, they wouldn't have become celebrities in the first place. Who really knows their stories?
It's the writer! The guy who was there in the trenches, the guy who made them famous in the first place. Actors and actresses didn't write their lines. It was the writer! Who knew these stars before they became egomaniacs? Before they even knew the difference between Calistoga or Evian? The difference between dark chocolate or milk? Who told them what to say and how to say it? Writers, writers, writers! Kenny Solms has seen them all. He wrote and schmoozed with the best of them. Co-creating "The Carol Burnett Show" in the late 60s, he's written for practically all of them. Solms wrote their movies, their TV shows....even their "spontaneous" quotes. From the greats like Jack Benny and George Burns to Willard Scott and downwards. But then back up again. And that's quite a leap.
Bits is not a vicious tell-all, but tell all, Kenny does. A funny romp that takes you from Philadelphia to Hollywood. A cruise behind the Hollywood scenes, down the freeways, up the canyons and then some. From variety shows to sitcoms, from big star specials to Broadway, he shares his roller coaster ride from writing tacky one-liners to creating TV classics. And what a ride! Jump in the passenger seat and share it with him.  (Prospecta Press)

ISBN: 9781632260161
Price: $19.99

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BESTSELLERS: February 23- March 1



1. Sabotage (Matt Cook)

2. Ruby (Cynthia Bond)

3. Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins)

4. Whites (Richard Price)

5. Revenant (Michael Punke)

6. Funny Girl (Nick Hornby)

7. Holy Cow (David Duchovny)

8. First Bad Man (Miranda July)

9. Spool of Blue Thread (Anne Tyler)

10. Touch of Stardust (Kate Alcott)

1. Bold (Peter Diamandis)

2. Motivation Manifesto (Brendon Burchard)

3. Rich Bitch (Nicole Lapin)

4. Straight Walk (Patricia Velesquez)

5. Girl in a Band (Kim Gordon)

6. Inside Syria (Reese Erlich)

7. Hacker, Hoaxer, Whisteblower, Spy (Gabriella Coleman)

8. Altman (Kathryn Altman)

9. Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Marie Kondo)

10. Churchill Factor (Boris Johnson)


1. Ruby (Cynthia Bond)

2. Playing By the Book (Shirley S Chris)

3. Get Some (Pam Ward)

4. Want Some (Pam Ward)

5. Alchemist 25th Anniversary (Paulo Coelho)

6. Dept of Speculation (Jenny Offill)

7. City Beasts (Mark Kurlansky)

8. Play It As It Lays (Joan Didion)

9. Redeployment (Phil Klay)

10. Atrocity Exhibition (J G Ballard)

1. We Should All Be Feminists (Chimamanda Adichie)

2. Autobiography (Morrissey)

3. Bad Feminist (Roxane Gay)

4. White Album (Joan Didion)

5. Art of Seduction (Robert Greene)

6. Helter Skelter (Vincent Bugliosi)

7. Women Who Run with the Wolves (Clarissa Pinkola Estes)

8. How Music Works (David Byrne)

9. My Lunches with Orson (Peter Biskind)

10. Adapt or Wait Tables (Carol Wolper)


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